Who We Serve

We seek to serve extraordinary people.

Concenture recognizes that each client’s story is exceptional. We take the time to truly understand the motivations behind your objectives and life-goals. We anticipate challenges so we can develop solutions before you need them. Our clients are individuals, families, current and former executives and business owners looking to optimize their wealth strategies in order to positively impact their families and their communities.

We Understand the challenges

we have a network of experts

we work for the long‑term

Professionally and personally, we understand the real challenges of entrepreneurship, maximizing the rewards and establishing a lasting legacy.

We leverage our professional expertise with a network of experts to support our clients and to anticipate next steps in every chapter of their lives.

By working closely with our individual clients and their families over the long-term, we help bring their life-goals to successful fruition.

Financing/Liquidity Events

Succession Planning

Maximizing Transferable Value

Business Owners

Tax Consulting

Retirement Planning

Concentrated Stock Management


Insurance Analysis

Wealth Transfer Strategies

Next-generation Education


Charitable Trusts

Legacy Building

Income Strategies for Retirement

and Retirees

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